Notes from meeting #1

Trans Pride Committee/Community Meeting


The 519 community Centre- 519 church street

March 10,2011

6:00pm – 8:00pm

* These notes are not extensive. They represent the general escope of the meeting and suggestions. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Trans pride Committee. If you have any concerns about these notes, email us at*

Co-coordinator Introductions, Sign Up Sheets and Agenda Review

–     The Trans Pride committee has two co-coordinators: Jacub and Luka

– Francisco ( Pride Toronto Board member, Trans Pride Liason) addressed the room.  Pride Toronto will be supporting bill c-389( by writting a letter)

Pride Toronto Structure and CAP Report review

–       Pride Toronto has 22 different committees. Each committee has 1 or 2 volunteer coordinators.  Right now, there are 3 paid staff members, and a few of the board members are overseeing some committees.

–       The Trans Pride committee coordinators simply cannot answer all the questions, or make some decisions and commitments.

–       BUDGET questions: a few of the attendees had questions about the Pride toronto budget, and how much would be re-allocated to the Trans Pride Committee. Those questions were answered by Francisco and Luka Amona (board members).

–       Coordinators will put a budget together based on the proposed/suggested programming, and then approach the board with it. The programming should be ready by the next committee/community meeting (April 6).

–       Attendees suggested/demanded that budget be proportional to the trans population that is served by pride toronto.

–       PRIDE TEME: attendee asked if the theme for Pride 2011 was changed to Trans rights. The Theme is still Youth. Attendee suggested that Pride Toronto acknowledge Bill C-389/Trans rights more openly(not just in trans spaces/programming).

Trans March


–       6-8 speakers

–       Recommendations:  Past Parade Grand Marshalls( Mandy Goodhandy, Enza Anderson),  Nina Arsenault, S. Beargman, Kai’ennne Tymeric.

–       Jack Layton (associated with Bill C-389) was recommended as a speaker. However, co-coordinators prefer to have Trans People as Speakers

–       ASL  interpretation

–       First Nations ‘ceremony’ , ackonwledging we are on stolen  land. Consult with First nation/2-spirit peoples .


–       Two proposed  circular routes:

A: Yonge and hayden, south on church to wood. West on wood, north on mutual street, east on maitland to church street.

B: Church and Carlton, north on church to charles. East on charles to the three parkettes (close to yonge). South on the parkettes, west on  dundonald.

– Closing Yonge street is not possible on a friday night.

–       Accessibility:  for  wheelchairs/mobility devises,  going ‘down’ is better .

–       Use Parkettes as a gathering point for  Rally + March

–       Trans pride coordinators/committee will review the routes and suggestions.

Order of March

–       Trans Pride coordinators said they were planning to put people with different abilities and  trans women of colour in front of the march.

–       Attendee said they would feel excluded if that was the case.

–       Trans march should focus on the diversity of the trans community , not segregating/separating people.  Coordinator said the proposed order of the march would address the systemic issues faced by marginalized groups from within the trans community.

–       Focus on one point (Trans rights)

Trans Stage

–       Trans/Gender Variant Performers will get paid

–       Clarification around ID issues and beer gardens: People don’t  need to show ID to  get into Beer Gardens. They do need to show ID if/when they are buying alcohol.

–       Trans Pride coordinators said they are planning on having a mandatory trans training for weekend volunteers.

–        It was suggested that (Paid) security guards and servers also  receive trans training. Trans access program (The 519) should be used, to create/foster capacity building from within trans community. Pride Toronto lack of funds was mentioned. Another suggestion was to  contract  the company that provides security for the Sherbourne Health center


“Transparency” (Trans March Afterparty)

Possible venues :

–       519 beer garden (due to  noise restrictions after 11pm, this is not an option)

–       Gladstone : The area is not very trans friendly.  It is far away from the village- which may be inaccessible to people who don’t have money for TTC. Also, we don’t  want to ‘ send trans people accross town’

–       Buddies in Bad Times Theater

–       519  Ballroom

Other Points

–       Free/sliding scale. Donations would go to performers.


Trans Space


–       Friday(6-11pm), Saturday( 12-9pm), Sunday( 12-9pm)

–       Be open earlier in the day, so we are more accessible/safer for  people who are not out/shy to access resources.

–       People shouldn’t  miss out because they are late.  Have trans space open/staffed during the three days

–       Friday: open and staffed, but no  programming due to  trans stage and afterparty.

Physical space

–       Front of progress place.

–       Bigger!

–       Banners and signage

–       Sound system and lights

–       Private/Indoor space:  peer support in a quiet environment. Maybe by appointment, by professionals.


– Workshops and performances, plus resources

– Sunday: Youth-oriented workshops, but open to all.

– Be family positive for  trans families ( Poverty in trans families).

– Reading area for Trans Families :  Saturday and Sunday, trans friendly books .

– Game/photo boot:  mix and match  different body parts.

– Webcast programming: so people who can’t  attend wouldn’t miss out. Have a ‘media free’ area where people wouldn’t be filmed.


–       Trans Space as a resource ‘ hub’ for  gender variant folks

–       Resources/Groups  suggestions:  Parents of trans kids, Trans parents, Fred Victor Centre, Shelters, Gender Journeys, SHC, U of T trans friendly groups, Trip!, Joys of Gender (Hershel), intersex groups/resources


–       Should be out, and not ‘ camera shy’ or afraid to be in public.

–       Trip!  Has some gender variant volunteers

Other Issues

–       “ When Harry becomes Sally” ( Article on last year’s Pride Guide): Trans pride committee will try to review the content of the guide. It was also suggested that attendees  join Media committee and other committees.

–       Pride Toronto has 22 committes, that don’t overlap necessarily. It would be great to  have ‘ trans representation’ in a lot of them!

–       De- gendering washrooms in the village area(or even all over town):  make all washrooms (including restaurants,  bars, other businesses)  all genders.  Contact and send press release to  businesses owners. Maybe provide them with all genders signs.


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