Call Out for Pride Toronto Trans Pride Team Members!

Trans Pride Team Member Job Description

2012 Pride Toronto Festival


Want to be a part of planning the trans events and activiteis during Pride Week 2012?

We’re loking for enthusiastic trans and genderqueer folks to joing the Trans Pride Team


Specific Responsibilities:


  • Outreach and promotion to various community groups and individuals to encourage participation in the Trans pride activities (Trans March, Rally, and Trans Space)
  • Assist Coordinators in overseeing Trans Pride activities during the festival
  • Help shaping, planning and implementing new ideas for Trans pride team and activities


  • Help organize and facilitate volunteer training sessions
  • Assist in updating materials (manuals, website, job descriptions, etc)
  • Help Team Leaders and members as needed


Time Commitment:

  • 10-15 hours per month in meetings/training/administration
  • Expected to be on-site prior to and for the duration of the Pride weekend


Desired Skill Set:

  • Has worked closely with and has knowledge of trans’ groups and organizations representative of all LGBTTIQQ2SA communities
  • Good conflict resolution skills and an ability to practice diplomacy
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Experience in social media and/or graphic design is an asset


We strive to make the committee as representative of our diverse communities as possible.  We encourage applications from women, people of colour and people from racialized communities, newcomers/immigrants/refugees, Aboriginal and First Nation people, people living with (dis)abilities, and youth.

Send your resume to by 5pm, January31st, 2012.

++++++Along with an answer to any ONE of these three questions:

a) How does privilege come into play when organizing events for marginalized communities?

b) What does anti-oppression mean to you?

c) What do you think is great or problematic about the current representation of trans and genderqueer people within Pride Week events?


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