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At this year’s Pride Week, the Trans Pride events, spaces, and entertainment will be bigger than ever!  Volunteers are needed to help make it all happen on the Weekend of Pride Week.

Trans identified volunteers are needed to help run Trans Space, an area in the Pride Week festival with art, entertainment, and information by the Trans Community for the Trans Community.

Also, volunteers who are friends and allies of the Trans Community are needed as Marshals and Assistants during the Trans March.

Below are specific volunteer roles and shift times available for Trans Pride 2012.  If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to: Please include your first and last name, your phone number, email address, and confirm which of the shifts below you would like to volunteer for.  You will then receive a confirmation email with all the details.

 Hope to hear from you!

 Pride Toronto Trans Pride & Weekend Volunteer Teams


Trans March Marshal

Friday, June 29th6pm-9pm  (Friends and allies welcome to volunteer)


Trans Space Assistant

Friday, June 29th :  6pm-9pm (Friends and allies welcome to volunteer) 

Saturday June 30th: 10am-4pm (Trans identified volunteers preferred)

Saturday, June 30th: 4pm-10pm (Trans identified volunteers preferred))

Sunday July 1st: 10am-4pm (Trans identified volunteers preferred)

Sunday, July 1st: 4pm-10pm (Trans identified volunteers preferred)


***Question? Concerns? Suggestions? E-mail us:***