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Trans Pride March and Trans Space 2012 Info

When Is It?

The Trans Pride 2012 rally before the march is happening at 6:00pm on Friday, June 29th at Norman Jewison Park. The march begins there at 7:30pm.

Trans Space 2012 is happening June 29th (6-9pm), June 30th and July 1st (both 10am-10pm) across the street from the 519 Community Centre.

Joining the March and Registration

If you want to march, you may register at Check out our Facebook page for details on the event, times and more information if you would like to volunteer. The guest list on our Facebook events page is confidential, and individuals are not obligated to register if those are concerns.

If you are an organization looking to provide trans related outreach materials, or would like to set up a table at Trans Space, please register at the link above. This is to ensure we know you’re coming and can prepare to accommodate you. We appreciate all the organizations which have volunteered people and resources in past years, and look forward to working with you this year.

Who Can March?

All trans identified people, their friends and allies. We encourage you to tell your friends about the event and come help us celebrate the LGBTTIQQ2SA community.

** We encourage trans women of colour and people with different abilities to lead the march and set the pace for everyone else. **

Additional Info about Trans Space

Trans Space at Pride Week 2012 will be located at the heart of the festival site across from the 519 community centre. The space will provide information, workshops and support to members of the Trans* communities, those who are questioning, or simply curious. It will be a safe, inclusive, informative and non-judgmental environment that will be open for the entire Pride Weekend.

Performances by Trans and gender independent/variant artists will be happening on the North Stage – just besides Trans space- on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, Trans artists will also be performing on many other Pride stages and events.

Programming schedule forthcoming.

How Can I get Involved?

• Join our team and participate in the rally and march. We’re currently looking for volunteers to help us with Trans Space too!

 • Send us an email with any suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear your input.

 • Like Trans Pride on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and spread the word to your friends.

 • MARCH! We need YOU to rally and then walk, roll, dance and strut and with us on Friday June 29th, 2012.