Trans Pride starts TOMORROW! Full programming bellow

Trans* Pride 2013
Friday, June 28th: Trans Rally and March

When Is It?
We are gathering at Norman Jewison Park(east of Yonge and Gloucester) at 6pm, on Friday June 28th. 2013

Rally Speakers will be on stage from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

This year the rally speakers will be: Alec Butler,Dani Arraya, Den Temin , Julissa Penate , Olivia Chow andMarcela Romero.

Pride Toronto is pleased and honoured to be marching with Trans* March 2013, on Yonge St for the first time, thanks to the efforts of Trans* communities.

Pride Toronto’s official involvement ends at Wood Street, but Trans* Community members and supporters will continue south on Yonge and east on Carlton, ending at Allan Gardens.

Who Can March?
All trans identified people, their friends and allies. We encourage you to tell your friends about the event and come help us celebrate the LGBTTIQQ2SA community.

Honoured Trans* Pride Positions 
Trans Pride and Pride Toronto  are glad to honour Kyle Scanlon as the Honoured Trans* Person and “The Fallen” as the Honoured Trans* Group. We are also excited to have Marcela Romero( Argentina) as the International Grand Marshal this year.

June 29th. And June 30th. 

Trans Space
Friday June 29 – 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. • Saturday, June 30 – 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, July 1 – 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Located at the corner of Gloucester and Church, Trans Space at Pride Week 2013 is a safe, inclusive, informative and non-judgemental environment located at the heart of the festival site. It provides information, and support to members of the Trans community, those who are questioning, or simply curious.

Trans Human Library @ Trans Space
Saturday and Sunday 2pm-8pm

This year we are having an amazing trans human library full off incredible and diverse “books”. The way in which it works is that individuals who would like to share their stories become “books”. They hang around the library (trans space) and wait to be “checked-out” by readers. In reality what happens is that the individual who is volunteering will get to have a 30-45 minute conversation with folks who are interested in learning from lived experience. Volunteers share their story and answer questions. We are looking for diverse trans folks and trans allies who are friends or family of trans individuals to be part of our library.

Trans Pride will also be participating in the Dyke March ( Saturday, June 29th. 2pm) and the Pride Parade ( Sunday, June 30th. 1pm). If  you want to march  with  us, please contact us.


June 30th. 6pm-12am

Oasis Acqua Lounge ( 231 mutual street). 6pm-Midnight.

Free event


Grey Muldon
Julissa Montesinos & Jlo
Kiley May
DJ Liam
Morgan Page 
Sunny Drake

***Full access to Oasis Acqua Lounge Facilities*** ( Pool, Saunas, Hot Tub
Cis people must be accompanied by a Trans* person ( Cis refers to those whose gender identity matches their natal sex.

Lockers/Towels will be 5.00
There will be “Clothing required” areas in the space
This event ends at midnight sharp. Please, plan accordingly
North Stage
Performances by Trans and gender variant artists will be happening on the North Stage (located next to Trans space) on Saturday and Sunday. Trans artists will also be performing throughout the Pride festival.

8:00PM BQY (Black Queer Youth) ShowcaseSATURDAY 29 JUNE 2013

3:00 PM  Bricoteer Experiments Theatre

3:25 PM  DJ nik red

4:10 PM   DJ Syrus Marcus Ware

4:55 PM  Tyler Uptight

5:05 PM  Ivory Towers

5:20 PM  Sammy Samosa

5:35 PM  Sushmita Rai

5:50 PM  Julissa

6:10 PM [ T.B.D.] Femme

6:45 PM Mama D

7:15 PM Young Jibwe

9:00 PM  Sound Sluts


3:00 PM  Kalmplex

3:00 PM  S. Bear Bergman  HOST

4:00 PM  Alec Butler

4:15 PM  Nicki Ward

4:30 PM  Kiley May

4:45 PM  S. Bear Bergman

5:00 PM  DJ L-Rock

6:00 PM  Evan Vipond

6:10 PM  Terrance Cross

6:20 PM  Kiley May

6:45 PM  Tye from Strip Maddisson

7:00 PM  The Crush Is Mutual

7:30 PM  Random Order

8:00 PM  Lucas Silveira

8:30 PM  Sunny Drake

9:00 PM  DJ Alyssa


2 thoughts on “Trans Pride starts TOMORROW! Full programming bellow

  1. PG

    Hi there! Can you please tell me which day is the Oasis Aqualounge event? It’s unclear from the posting if this is on the 29th or 30th… And what time do the performances start? There is no information on the Oasis Aqualounge website either, that I could find. Thank you!


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