Our Mandate

Trans Pride is a volunteer team working within Pride Toronto whose goal is to promote Trans education and awareness, within Pride Toronto events and beyond. Trans Pride represents any person within the trans* spectrum, which refers to anyone whose gender identities do not match the bodies they were born with.

Pride Toronto’s trans* community spaces help promote trans positive grass-roots programs, as well as educational outreach activities to increase awareness on trans* related topics.

The Trans* Pride Rally and Space are currently organized by a team of dedicated trans* volunteers from the trans* communities in Toronto and is greatly supported by cisgender allies. If you would like to be part of the team (either as an organizer or an ally please contact transpride@pridetoronto.com)


 So…what does the * mean?

Regardless of some of the identities that we are going to explain the most important thing to remember is that people define themselves, including their gender identities.

The * represents all the possibilities within the trans spectrum, and these are some of them…

We acknowledge that this land is colonized, and recognize that indigenous people have had throughout their histories and present times their own definitions and visions of gender identity. “Two-spirited people of first nations are transgender, other gendered, third/fourth gendered individuals that walk carefully between the worlds and between the genders” (www.2spirits.com)

Other indigenous cultures in the world use the following terms to describe trans* identities: Travesti (Brazil), Hijra (India), Vestido (Mexico), Binabae (Philippines), Mke-Si-Mume( Swahili).

Transsexual people are individuals who have gone through either a legal or a medical change to have their bodies be more in line with how they identify themselves. For example, they may be undergoing, or have undergone, hormone therapy, surgery and/or a legal name change.

Transgender people are individuals whose bodies do not match the manner in which they perceive and experience their gender. This includes people who have not undergone any legal or medical changes.

Genderqueer people are individuals who perceive themselves to not be within the gender dichotomy (feminine/masculine), but either both, in between, neither, or beyond it.

Intersex people are generally invisibilized, and although many would not identify as trans*, it is important to give them a space within our trans* communities.

Intersex people are individuals who are born with a combination of biological female and male traits. This combination is of varying degrees, and different in every individual.

Now that we know the T/2s in the alphabet, what about the other letters?

LGBQPA refers to a persons’ sexual orientation, to whom they are emotionally, romantically and/or sexually attracted to.


Trans* individuals can identify their sexual orientation as queer, pansexual, asexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay or heterosexual. 



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